Monday, August 18, 2008

Battle at Flaming Gorge

This last weekend Derek went fishing at Flaming Gorge with his friends Jared and Kyle. As you can see from the pictures, he was just a little successful. They caught lake trout, bass, and crawdads. The first day Jared's dad caught a 20 lb lake trout, and Derek got skunked by 6 of them. He was thoroughly disappointed but resolved to make up for it the next day. And I guess you could say he was fairly successful. After fighting with the fish for 20 minutes, he reeled in a 30 lb lake trout!

Houston's Growing!

Well, Houston will be 7 months old this week, and I can hardly believe it. I was putting away his old clothes, and it was so sad to see how little he was when he was born. He's grown up so fast!

Houston was holding his head up the day he was born and even since has proven to everyone that his goal in life is to be mobile, not stationary. As a result he has absolutely no desire to sit but instead has been trying to crawl for the last month. If I can get the video below to work, you'll see that even crawling can be over-rated! He obviously can get around just fine without it! He's already attacked some of my dried roses, meaning it's time to me to redecorate! And by redecorate, I mean pack stuff up so it's out of reach.

Houston's also enjoying the wonderful world of teething! Yeah!! While the two teeth he has are adorable, he has days where it just hurts. I feel so bad for him... and just wait till those molars come in! Yuck! Hopefully someday I'll get a picture of him with his teeth, but for now he doesn't even like showing them off to Derek or me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Up And Running!

Thanks to Ashley, my wonderful, talented, beautiful, and technology-savvy sister-in-law, the Beckstrand Bunch Blog is finally up and running... for the most part! We still have a long way to go to get this thing where we want it, but at least it looks cute! At the end of the week Derek will be taking a 3-day fishing trip with his buddies up at Flaming Gorge, so I can guarantee I'll be putting a lot more on here while he's away. So come back soon and hopefully you won't be disappointed!