Saturday, August 8, 2009


Pot-pour-ri: n. a medley or miscellany; mixture.

That's exactly what you're going to get in this insanely over-due post!

Houston's very first ice cream cone! He loves it, can't you tell??
Archery in Colorado! We used to practice with my dad all the time growing up, so it was fun to do it again after so long. I hit the bullseye!!
My dad, Derek, and Daniel honing their skills...
Playing in the sprinklers on a hot afternoon in Colorado.
Houston "clipping" his toenails. He mimics EVERYTHING now.
Houston meeting Hoot at his first Orem Owlz baseball game.
Houston LOVED riding 4-wheelers with Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Jim at Henry's Lake in Idaho (part of the Condie family reunion in Yellowstone).
Family photo at Yellowstone!
Father and son.
One of the zillions of bison we saw at Yellowstone... although most weren't in the restroom parking lot...
Houston and I watch my niece Avery, and the two cousins love playing together...
most of the time :)
Houston refuses to let me feed Avery anymore. HE has to be the one doing it! Poor Avery gets a bit messier during lunchtime now...
Derek being Derek while on a family outing to Thanksgiving Point.
A trip to the duck pond! Houston loved it, and didn't even mind getting bit by a couple of over-zealous ducks!