Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Week of Easter

Houston, being the insanely lucky boy that he is, got to start his Easter fun a week before the actual Easter. We were down in Meadow with Derek's side of the family where Houston got his first Easter basket ("basket" being more like, "freakin' awesome dump truck") from Grandma Tammy and Grandpa Jim. He LOVES whacking everything with the carrot bat (including me), and has to push the growling monster button on his monster book at least a million times a day.... but who's counting?? :)Then the following Saturday, we met up with Aunt Sarah at Macey's where Houston got to meet the one-and-only Easter Bunny! Houston didn't cry, but he didn't look too thrilled either. Maybe his mind's been warped by his dad's strong, often violent, opinion of rabbits....
After that we went on an Easter Egg hunt throughout the store. Sadly, after Aunt Sarah slaved away for hours on a pair of stellar rabbit ears, Houston would have nothing to do with them. So sorry, no cute pictures.Then we all went back home where we (Aunt Sarah, Gabe, Natalie, Derek, Houston, and I) all dyed eggs and decorated cupcakes.

**Special Note** I married one heck of a warped man. His idea of decorating a cupcake involved a cupcake, a decapitated Peep head, and a lot of red frosting. You do the math...We ended our festivities on Sunday. After hitting up church we headed over to (get ready to follow this chain) my cousin's husband's sister's house where we had a fabulous Easter dinner and Houston got to enjoy another egg hunt. Only this time the loot went to mom and dad. :)