Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's A...

...Yep, cliffhanger to force you to read my blog post... especially since they're so rare and so few lately!

Night 1 in a New House:

8:00 pm - Put Houston to bed and end up holding him for 40 minutes while he cries himself to sleep. New surroundings=not so fun night for the little man.
10:00 pm - Exhausted, so attempt to zonk out. No luck. Not until midnight anyway (according to the last glance at the clock).
12:30 am (yes, just a 1/2 hour after zonking) - Woken up by the train conductor who has to try to set the Guiness Record for longest train whistle blowing in the dead of night.
3:00 am - Repeat of fabulous little 12:30 event. Jerks...
5:00 am - Derek wakes up for work, and the shower decides to make this loud, blaring screechy sound for the next 15 minutes.
5:40 am - Houston wakes up terrified in his new room, runs in with Mom, continues to freak, pukes on Mom, gets cleaned up, falls asleep on Mom, snores in Mom's ear for the next hour while she tries not to wake him
7:00 am - Houston gets up again with Mom, wants breakfast, there's no food, so we eat Goldfish and Grape licorice. Delish.
7:15 am: Houston plays while Mom freaks because she's now a homeowner and has no idea what she's doing.
7:30 am: Mom gives up freaking out and plays her new piano. Bliss!!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my house, I've just never been one to handle big changes very well... especially with a 2-year-old who is the same way as me and with the hubs at work all day.

Now for the fun news! We're having a girl!! She's healthy, active, and due October 3rd. YEAH!!