Monday, September 29, 2008

My Little Monkey

Well, he's done it. Houston is barely 8 months and is now pulling himself up onto things. I was doing dishes and glanced up to find Houston standing up on his bouncy chair thingy, and he's been pulling himself up onto things ever since. He's no longer content to just sit on the floor or scoot/crawl around. He HAS to be standing.

Houston's Very Own "Playground"

The new love of Houston's life is the dining room table and the shower curtain! He can be well entertained for fairly long stretches of time with those two things. What I wouldn't give to be so easily amused!
Check out his cute vampire teeth!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ducks Are Awesome!

Derek, Houston, and I went to the duck pond just south of the BYU campus today. Houston and I had been there before with my little sister, Sarah, but this time Derek got to come, too. We could never get a good picture with Houston looking up because he was so fascinated by the ducks!
Sometimes Houston decided he'd rather eat the bread than give it to the ducks...

Those were some hungry ducks!

They were eating right out of Derek's hand... and caught
hold of Houston's hand a couple times, too.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hangin' With Mom and Dad

As Houston grows we get to do more and more things with him. We've taken him swimming several times this summer, and he absolutely loves it! We're so sad our apartment complex is closing the pool already.

We also went and checked out Discovery Park here in Pleasant Grove. It was incredibly fun... but it would probably be better if Houston could move around on his feet rather than his belly! We can't wait until next summer. Then we'll take full advantage of living so close to that awesome park!

We also had a fun time hanging out with Aunt Sarah (who came back to finish up at BYU) and Grandma Lathen (who came as the moving crew).

The whole time Grandma was here we were hoping that Houston would figure out how to sit up on his own. And guess what?? As soon as she left, he figured it out! And check out those teeth!