Thursday, October 7, 2010

She's Here!!

Wow, I'm a terrible blogger! I never seem to get around to it anymore... But I figure the birth of our daughter is definitely something to take time to share, especially since she's so cute :)

Here are the stats!

Name: Braelyn Lee Beckstrand
Date of Birth: October 4, 2010
Height: 21 inches
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz

She's got lots of long, dark hair (although she still has nothing compared to Scott and Whitney's girls!), and she has Derek's long, skinny feet (including his raptor toes!). She's incredibly mellow (so far), is eating wonderfully, and is only slightly jaundiced. Houston is up and down on his opinion of her, but for the most part he likes her since she apparently came into the world bringing him a new truck that he's in love with.

The delivery was smooth and relatively uneventful... not that that's a bad thing! I was supposed to be induced Thursday morning, but all the maternity wards filled up with women in actual labor, so I was pushed back until Monday morning. Too bad my mom drove out almost a week early... Sorry Mom!! But thanks for staying!! The staff at the hospital were SO nice, especially since they felt bad that we had had to wait so long. We got the best room (and the rooms there are wonderful anyways!) and the nurses were so attentive and nice. They started me on the pit at about 6:30 Monday morning, I got my epidural with no problems (yes, I'm a wuss and will ALWAYS get an epidural), then a few hours later they checked me thinking I'd be dilated to about a 6. Surprise! Braelyn's head was right there! The doctor rushed over, everyone piled into the room, I pushed twice, and she was here!

So there's the story... now for the good part! The pictures! Enjoy!!